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List  your  home on the MLS for only... 
 $299 + 2.5%
    (Selling Commission)
or You can still Sell it on your own and save the 2.5%

You now have options to save!

Recently SOLD Examples

4023 Tiger Point Blvd
Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
Listed $369,900  
Days on Market = 36
SOLD $365,000 CASH
226 Florida Avenue
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
Listed $849,000  
Days on Market = 75
SOLD $795,000 VA Financing
3126 Carvajal Court
Navarre, FL 32566
Listed $899,000  
Days on Market = 337
SOLD $830,000 Conv Financing
No reason to pay High Commissions in today's market? 
save real money
get real market exposure
See how easy it is to get your home listed? 
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  •  Pay the 1-time listing fee of $299
  • Fill out the paperwork electronically
  • Approve the final listing
  • Go LIVE!
1 in 3 home owners sell without using a full service Realtor®
Every year over 1 million sellers nationwide save thousands using our MLS Flat Fee Listings service. List using our MLS Flat Fee Listings and take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. Sell your property with our MLS Flat Fee Listings and save thousands in commissions.
*Source: The National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers
Program benefits...
Local Broker, save Money, more Exposure
Local Support
Save Money
More Exposure
Less Stress
New Zillow 3D Tour
Benefits of adding Zillow's 3D Home Tour to your Listing

Home buyers value being able to experience a home before coming to visit it. Adding 3D Homes provides them this experience and helps your listing stand out from the crowd. 

You will also receive:
More exposure from prospective buyers.
A unique 3D Home icon on your listing so viewers can tell at a glance your listing has a 3D home tour.
An authentic, realistic view of the home.
Latest ADD-ON Options

$100 Each
#1 Supra Ekey Lockbox
You can have a Supra E-key Lockbox installed on your home like this one? Only licensed agents can access the lockbox. You get notified by email or text when an agent starts the showing and when they end the showing.  See the example below. 
Plus you will receive the agent feedback once completed. This allows you much more freedom and options when it come to showing your home, plus you always know who's showing.
flat fee listing service real estate
#2 UPGRADED PHOTOS & Zillow 3D Tour
 If your home or property is located in Gulf Breeze or Navarre Florida (zip codes 32561, 32563 or 32566) you have an option to list your home in 2 separate MLS systems.  These areas overlap in the PAR and ECAR MLS. Your home or property can be in front of every agent along the Florida panhandle. No one esle offers this!
#3  Get Listed in 2 MLS Stsyems
(Only for Gulf Breeze and Navarre)
 If your home or property is located in Gulf Breeze or Navarre Florida (zip codes 32561, 32563 or 32566) you have an option to list your home in 2 separate MLS systems.  These areas overlap in the PAR and ECAR MLS. Your home or property can be in front of every agent along the Florida panhandle. No one esle offers this!
You can choose at check out once available
This is 1 of the main goals... exposure 
Examples of Zillow Views and Engagement 
New listing hit number 1 within first day. 
Another example of good exposure
Views will equal interest. The more the better.
Location, Price, Presentation. Video.
Quality photos will annd do enhance engagement.
Location, Price, Presentation. Video.
 3 showings day 1. Full price offer within 48 hrs. 
Goal is to get more views than the others.
massive exposure with more syndication nationally
bonus marketing...
WHY use
LOCAL !!! Licensed IN FLORIDA 



  • HIGHLY "Experienced" 
  • Competitive Commission Rates and Short Listing Agreement Periods - no long-term commitments
  • Licensed since 2002 - Brokerage Owner since 2004 with average 20+ agents
  • Listing broker for corporate REO properties since 2003 with clients like Fannie Mae, Freedie Mac, HUD, BOA, Wells Fargo, HSBC and many more
  • HIGHLY Proficient, Extremely Knowlegable Based of Experiences
  • Added extra bonefits like in-house agents are highly trained and receive bonus for selling company listings
  • Social media marketing expert which specialties include detailed "targeted" Facebook ads built specifically for each clients' specific property needs
  • My goal is to market your home aggressively and get it SOLD while keeping as much stress and headaches off your shoulders as possible
Brandon has been nationally recognized for his real estate achievements
Why offer this unique option for sellers?
er The real estate industry has changed due to the rise in technology advances and more tech-savvy buyers than ever before.
The lack of market exposure is the biggest downfall for most FSBOs.
Homeowners wanting to sell on their own and not pay 6%-5% need a better option.
Most brokerages won't allow a commission structure like one. This doesn't fall into their business model.
Being a locally owned company, we have no corporate guidelines or restrictions on commissions.
So why pay 6% or 5% when you don't have to?
Note: The MLS accounts for over 80% of all residential sales. You can't afford not to have the necessary exposure!
Common questions?
How long is the listing contract?
It's up to you.  1 Day to 1 year, doesn't matter. Plus you're not locked in long term. No Hassle and Cancel Anytime. Stay away from cheaper plans that only allow 3 to 6 months then make you renew. 
Do I still have to pay a commission?
Only if an agent brings a buyer, if you find your buyer by your own means and handle the entire transaction on your own, you pay NO commissions period. If an agent procures a buyer then yes, you pay the 3.75%, but the agents handle the entire transaction and take away that responsibility.
Will agents be reluctant to show by house as a FSBO?
Yes. There will be some that will not want to show it. These agents feel they are doing all the work for half the pay since there isn't another agent involved. But this group of agents is not forward thinkers or self-motivated. Agents receive a 2.5% commission with my sellnow299 plan.  
I saw another company allowed for 6 photos. How many photos can I use?
Pictures are extremely important. We need a minumim of 25 high-res pics, but prefer 40-50 if possible. Using anything less than 25 is a negative for potential engagement. If a compnay only allows a few photos, then you are getting short ended.
Once my home is listed, can I still make my own changes on Zillow?
No, you will not have any control over the listing once it's listed on the MLS. You can make changes through us by email. We will update the MLS which in turns updates Zillow, Trulia and One of the benefits of this program is having your listing under Brandon's Zillow Account and not your own. You will receive much more traffic this way.  .  
Will my listing be different than other listed properties paying a full commission?
No! Your listing will appear exactly the same as any other listed property on the MLS.
If I try to sell it myself, can I still get the 3.75% commission rate later?
YES,  you can change your plan at any time and receive this rate. * You must pay the $299 fee to be eligible for the 3.75% rate.
How is your program different than the other FSBO flat fee services out there? Some are less than $100 to list on the MLS.
I'm local. This program is only offered in my footprint. It must be in driving distance in case of an emergency. Agents will show more and be more engaged with your home than when you list with a Flat Fee Broker in south Florida. Agents don't like to feel they must do all the work. 
How can you offer rates this low and make any money?
I own the company and we are not a franchise so no one dictates commission rates. I have lower overhead than most, so it's easily passed to the customers. I don;t believe in typical real estate methods. 
I hear agents say you get what you pay for in a flat fee type listing. Is this true?
That's the number one canned response from any agent. Truth is If more agents had the flexibility to offer this same program they would. Plus, a Broker can charge any coomissions they and the seller agree upon. There's no reason you need to pay high commisisons.
How do agents contact me?
Agents contact the Sellers directly by cell phone and email. The Seller's contact information is placed in the "Showing Instructions" of the MLS for Buyer's Agents to see. However, it is a violation of the MLS for a Seller's contact information to be placed in the Public Remarks section or on Partner MLS Websites.  
Is there a cancellation fee?
No, you can cancel at anytime
What if I only want to offer 2% selling commission? I heard this was enough.
We don't encourage this unless the home value/list price is over $500k.  Truth is agents will not show the home as often with this lower than normal amount. Agents do NOT like to be in the middle between you, the seller, and their buyer for only 2.0%. 

Pamla Paris

When I decided to sell my home in Gulf Breeze, FL, I was fortunate to find Brandon of  Brandon immediately took photos and a professional quality video. He installed a professional lockbox on the house and a sign in my yard. He listed the house on all the important sites that make it visible to home buyers and to selling agents. Brandon was responsive to each and every inquiry from start to finish. His integrity was exemplary. He gave me excellent advice that helped to sell the home -- even things I did not want to hear.  Throughout my working career, I have had listing real estate agents on properties I owned in other states that charged 2.5% to 3% sales commission. However, I have never had the quality service I experienced with Brandon at www.Sellnow299.  
Bottom line: I saved thousands and received better service in the sale of my Gulf Breeze.   

Doug Bruce

I could write a book concerning the twists and turns & ups and downs The Agency's Brandon Vinyard went through to get us to the closing on the foreclosed house we just bought. It was like watching someone roll a giant boulder uphill using nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a swiss army knife. At times it seemed impossible, but somehow he got it done. Suffice it to say, if you're looking for a broker, I absolutely guarantee you will never find another as good a Brandon.

Marcia Phelps

Brandon is very knowledgeable regarding the Pensacola real estate market. He was quick to point out items needing attention so that the home I was selling would qualify for FHA and/or VA loans. The home was shown the day it was listed, we had an above-list-price offer within two days after listing, and the home was sold to those buyers.

Ashley Krazinski

Trust. Trust is everything when it comes to dealing with a large transaction such as selling your home. You must trust that the agent has your best interest at heart. You must trust that the agent is knowledgeable and educated. You must trust that the agent will respond to any concerns you may have in a reasonable amount of time and keep you in the loop. Brandon has surpassed all of my expectations. He has been honest and straight forward. He also could have easily taken advantage of my difficult situation but he didn't. And I THANK YOU for that Brandon!

Kristin G

Brandon truly knows the area and the market. He was very responsive, answering questions immediately and quickly handled any issues that came up. His negotiation skills gave us top dollar for our home. The process was very smooth. We will definitely use Brandon again for future deals

Ashley Ziel

I sold two homes with Brandon at the same time. The first received a full price cash offer in less than 24hrs. The other was a bit more complicated, but Brandon worked through several offers, and in the end, we closed on one that I was completely satisfied with. I highly recommend him and his team

Jeremy Weber

What a great experience! Brandon did an excellent job. He was able to sell my house quickly and and at higher amount than I expected. I let Brandon do his thing and him and his awesome team couldn't have done a better job. A very smooth evolution. I plan on returning to Pensacola, and when I do I know who I'm calling.
A minimum of 25 high-res photos are needed. The more pictures the better. Up to 50.
We can help if needed.
All paperwork is done electronically.
You will have final approval before going live.

Check out this "FSBO" Real Life Closing Nightmare Example